febrero 04, 2012

Peru: 200 years of forgotten people history

The next article is my own vision of history of an different and dark  Peru, it is not historical or official version and i apologize if I cannot make myself understand in the english language.

Peru is a result of thousands years of little cultures, centuries of great empires and 300 years like slaves of spanish invaders. In the same space where Peru is today, millions people lived with his own social organization and mixed result of those ideas.
When Republic of Peru was formally stablished (1821), the new residents knew as "criollos" (son of spanish with andean people) and spanish people born in this land, took the control of all people that lived in the new country. The andean people composed of quechuas, aymaras and other minorities represented more than 60% of the population, but they not had any representation in the new government.

Many decades after independence day, social development focused on three principal cities and some families. The criollos and the spanish descendants was Peru for the rest of the world. Quechuas, aymaras, and hundreds of tribes lived without education program, roads, medicine and technology, i call it the forgotten people.

But in the last decades, a large demographic change combined with a new aspiration of andean people and after 150 years of absent of the government policies in those comunities, the migration of andean people to principal cities was weakening the political power stablished.

The government of former president Alberto Fujimori, after destroy the terrorism of people who thought they could change Peru with killing thousands of citizens and exploding the property, introduced new laws and facts to integrate the forgotten people to Peru.

Since then, Peru like a new country, was able to change its economy and finance and today the forgotten people are less than 20 years, but we need to do more to make Peru get to be one nation. Introduce every people to new economy and ensure benefits to all comunities and more than 200 differents cultures in Peru, is the great challenge of peruvians.

Peru has a long history of forgotten people -the native- by a cold and corrupt governments, but we can try to change own history.

The next song (30 or 40 years ago) represent some everlasting feelings of andean people, of the forgotten, maybe it not apply to spanish invaders at this moment but certainly to the politics class.


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  1. nice, congratulations. this show that u are so proud of your culture and more!! u should be jornalist