septiembre 21, 2012

The Ventures - Joy: The Ventures Play the Classics (1972)

Photo: Audio Reckoning
When i was a little boy of 5 or 6 years old, my father bought this album and i appreciate that he has done.

I have not listenend this album from the eighties and this music doesn't survive in my memories. But when i looked for "Ode to Joy" on Youtube two hours ago, i saw "Melody of Joy" and when i heard it, each of the feeling that i have lived with this songs came back to me.

I'm really touched tonight and i'm serious. I think you will feel the power of "Joy", probably sigh with "In a Persian Market" and if you are a free spirit, you will think in a better world with "Melody of Joy".

Okay no more words, you must listen this fantastic music: "Joy",  "Melody of Joy", "In a Persian Market", "Un Bel Di" and more, much more.

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